Repair Guarantee

By delivering your device to our store, for inspection or repair actions of any kind, it is understood that all terms are fully understood and unreservedly accepted. Any question, clarification or unclear understanding of the terms should be clarified by the customer before the inspection and repair process begins. In retrospect, no disagreement with the following terms is accepted.


• DR.FIX is NOT responsible for any problems that may occur during the repair of the device , which are due to physical damage, user wear, age of the device and factors not related to the repair process.

• DR.FIX is NOT responsible for any loss of user files / data during device repair. The customer is responsible for backing up his / her files / data before bringing the device for repair. If a copy is requested from the store on behalf of the customer, there is a corresponding service charge.



six (6) months for hardware repair, twelve (12) months for software repair / services


six (6) months for hardware repair, twelve (12) months for software repair / services
SPARE PARTS WARRANTY : as specified by the manufacturer

WORK WARRANTY : six (6) months
SPARE PARTS WARRANTY : as specified by the manufacturer

Terms of repair warranty

• Our repair warranty is void in case the device is reopened by the user or another person. All repaired devices from our company have a warranty sticker.
• The repair guarantee concerns only the parts that were repaired by our company.
• No work warranty is provided in the event of serious damage or damage to the device, such as possible shock or out of use.
• On devices that have been damaged by liquids, a guarantee of only one (1) day is provided.
• Previous repairs, alterations or attempted repairs by the user or another person may reduce the duration of the repair warranty if necessary.
• The repair warranty does not cover damage from force majeure, e.g. damage from humidity, lightning, overvoltage, fire, environmental charges, rain, flood, earthquake, etc. as well as interventions in the operating system (firmware) of the device by the user or another person.


The devices travel at the sole responsibility of the transport company. DR.FIX is not responsible for transports that have been delayed by external factors (such as strikes, road closures, extreme weather events, etc.). In case of loss of the parcel, the customer must contact the transport company immediately. From the moment the devices are received from our store, on behalf of the buyer, either by himself or by his representative or transport company, we are released from any liability regarding delay, loss, destruction, theft or damage of the products.

other terms

Personal data: DR.FIX undertakes that all personal data submitted to it (Name, Address, Telephones, Email Address, etc.), are registered (with access) by authorized officials, strictly and only for the processing of repairs, while not are subject to management, notification to third parties and are not used for purposes other than advertising of our store. Cases of decisions of prosecutors, courts or other public authorities are excluded from this.
In addition, DR.FIX undertakes that all personal data and files that may be managed by a device for repair are not published, not disclosed to third parties and used for no purpose other than repair, while being kept for backup upon request, in secure computer system, and only for the necessary period of time.

Delay in receipt of devices: If the device is not received within seven (7) days (from the first notice that the repair is completed) from our store, whether it is repaired or not, there is a storage charge of 1 euro per day, unless the customer pays the amount of the repair (ex by bank transfer). The store is not obliged to make more than one attempt to communicate with the customer.

Charges: The DR.FIX can proceed to repair or inspection procedure, without updating the client, if the total cost does not exceed EUR 15, otherwise, first coming to an agreement with the customer. The cost of control is based on the work that will be needed to identify the problem and can not necessarily be determined before it is done. In case of return of device under warranty, the inspection is free of charge if the damage is actually covered by the warranty, otherwise there may be a test charge .

Last modification of terms: 28 April 2018