120mm Case Fan Ultra Airflow 140CFM PWM

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Πανίσχυρος ανεμιστήρας για απαιτητικά  PC Builds!
Ball bearing - Με ρουλεμάν για κορυφαία αντοχή
Έως 140CFM airflow!

Delta Electronics Public Co. (Ltd)

Model: FFB1212SH

Size: 120X120X25MM

Bearing: high precision double ball bearing

Voltage: 12V

Current: 1.24A

Power: 14.8W

Μέγιστη ταχύτητα: 3700RPM

Μέγιστη ροή αέρα: 140.16CFM

Μέγιστος θόρυβος: 54.3dBA

Lead wire: 4 wire

Speed: support

Function: support PWM temperature control

Interface: motherboard 4PIN interface

The best continuous running time is 180000 hours

Features: maintenance free double ball bearing, long service life, adequate cooling air volume and wind pressure.

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