Full Size MT261 Gaming Mousepad

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    Media-Tech presents a huge mousepad for real players. Fits perfectly with mouse and keyboard.
    High quality materials. The mouse is made of special non-slip, elastic materials. The edges of the MT261 are sewn so they will not crumble with use. Dimensions: 79 x 33 x 0.5 cm.
    For all players! The MT261 works with all types of sensors and all types of computer mice. The gamepad ensures accurate tracking of the cursor, so the player's reaction is not delayed.

    Technical specifications
    Large mouse for players
    Larger dimension for best gaming - best for FPP & RTS games
    330 x 790 x 5 mm
    Durable, embroidered edges
    Designed for high resolution lasers and optical mice
    Good contact at the table

    Manufacturer warranty: 12 months

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